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Steven Clegg Design offers three core design services, however, we will happily tailor a package to suit your requirements:

A consultation is perfect for clients who do not wish to commit to Garden Design Suggestions or a Complete Garden Design but still require professional advice. A consultation can include verbal horticultural advice, address minor garden issues, provide simple garden ideas and give design suggestions.

Contact us for an on the spot consultation. The cost for the consultation is $330.00.

Garden Design Suggestions:

We offer Garden Design Suggestions to provide documented planting concepts for existing gardens in need of new planting ideas and renovation. We will inspect your property and obtain your brief, then formulate these aspects into a personalised quotation. These ideas are documented into a visual booklet with site photos and suggested planting concepts, customised to your brief and context.


Complete Garden Design:

A Complete Garden Design package encompasses just that. We will meet you and discuss your requirements and formulate a brief to create your dream garden from scratch. Following this consultation, we will submit our customised fee proposal. Upon your acceptance, we will then begin the design process. This process can take between two and four weeks. The final package, which you will receive, will include:

Complete Garden Design Process

Consultation | Inspection of the existing site and surrounding context, obtain brief and ideas from clients on site.

Fee Proposal | Formulation of a customised fee proposal to fit your personal brief, ideas and site. Our fee proposal outlines the process, steps and price to complete your garden design.

Concept Design | Formulation of the landscape design brief into an initial conceptual landscape design. Taking into account all site constraints, conditions, contextual elements and briefs.

Design Phase | Development of the sketch design into a drafted landscape plan. The design phase includes documentation of indicative elevations, sections and perspective sketches at a conceptual level to portray the design visually.

Detailed Design | Development of the approved design concepts into a detailed design, taking into account all previous choices and decisions into a single scaled solution. At this stage, the production of plant list schedules is developed, including plant photo examples of all species, quantities and pot sizes as positioned on a scaled plan.

Final Design | Any requested changes of the detail design stage into a final landscape presentation based on requested changes and discussions from meetings.

Contact us to discuss your garden design needs.

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